Accessories and spares

Your oven arrives with everything you need but you might find you need to order a replacement or spare part. The most commonly needed items can be purchased here. 

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Chadwick Pizza Paddle
£50.00 Including VAT

The Chadwick Paddle with retractable handle so you can put it in the dishwasher. It’s beautifully made from high grade stainless steel. You get one of these with your oven but you might like an extra if you enjoy pizza making with friends and family.

Stone disc
£40.00 Including VAT

This is the porous stone disc which the pizzas sit on when they’re cooking. You’re unlikely to need a replacement but accidents happen. 

For an authentic stone baked pizza
Shipping charge for out of zone regions
£25.00 Including VAT

Charge for non standard address zone

Foker 4kW Gas Ring Adaptor
£18.00 Including VAT

If you don't have a gas hob the oven may be used with the standalone 4kW Foker single burner Europa gas ring. The collar locks the oven to the burner and shields the flame from draughts. Please email if you'd like further information. Price includes shipping - select free in-store pickup to avoid extra charges.

Chadwick pizza oven Foker adaptor collar