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"The shape of things to come"


"Looks like a spaceship, cooks like an Italian"


"The Chadwick Oven - a game changer"


"A work of art... the most exquisitely made piece of cooking equipment I have ever seen"

Sebastian Conran

"Magic! The dough bursts into life, just like it does in a wood-fired oven!"

Fergus Henderson

The Chadwick Oven

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"Tuesday (for the grownups) and tonight (for the kids) we had absolutely delightful pizzas! So pleased with the oven… Every penny well worth it. "

Jacques Mirodatos - Hertford

"Read about the oven and brought one back to Bermuda from the UK, absolutely fantastic for cooking pizza...a brilliant piece of engineering and fabulous looking to boot!"

Robert Johnston - Bermuda

"The oven is amazing, having such fun with it - all kinds of bread and baking"

Nigel Bloxham - Crabhouse Café - Wyke Regis near Weymouth and Portland

“It’s a rare thing when someone delivers a product that matches the reviews and the hype. I’m often left wanting and am frequently underwhelmed by modern gadgetry but the Chadwick Oven is a diamond in a sea of stones.”

John Laurie – Australia

“We love our Chadwick and are really enjoying it, especially for a relaxed lunch with friends and it makes just the best naan bread”

Barbara Adams – Bristol
  • Cooks a pizza in under 5 minutes

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Cooks a pizza in under 5 minutes

Perfect for cooking flatbreads

Reaches up to 500ºC

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor cooking


Esquire Magazine

D&Ad Award Winner

The Chadwick Oven won the D&Ad Product Design Award in 2013

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