"The shape of things to come"

"Looks like a spaceship, cooks like an Italian"

"The Chadwick Oven - a game changer"

what's in

the box?

•Chadwick Oven

•Chadwick Pizza Peel

•Pizza Stone

•Oven stand

•Heat shield

•Quick start-up guide

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This mini spaceship is a mighty pizza cooker- its design a gesture of gastronaut genius!

Giorgio Locatelli

Chef, author, co-presenter of the Unpacked Series and co-judge on The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Magic! The dough bursts into life, just like it does in a wood-fired oven!

Fergus Henderson, MBE

English Chef, Founder of restaurant St John

The Chadwick Oven is the cooking gadget of the decade.

Mark Hix, MBE

Celebrated chef, restaurateur and food writer

A work of art... the most exquisitely made piece of cooking equipment I have ever seen

Sebastian Conran

British Industrial Designer

indoor & outdoor.

your gas accessory

• Sits on top of a domestic or portable gas ring

• Reaches up to 500ºC in under 12 minutes

• Cooks pizzas and flatbreads in under 5 minutes

Patented airflow system eliminates moisture and maximises heat

You will be amazed at the results.

what our customers say


"The oven is amazing, having such fun with it - all kinds of bread and baking"

Nigel Bloxham

Crabhouse Café - Wyke Regis, UK


“It’s a rare thing when someone delivers a product that matches the reviews and the hype. I’m often left wanting and am frequently underwhelmed by modern gadgetry but the Chadwick Oven is a diamond in a sea of stones.”

John Laurie



"Read about the oven and brought one back to Bermuda from the UK, absolutely fantastic for cooking pizza...a brilliant piece of engineering and fabulous looking to boot!"

Robert Johnston



“We love our Chadwick and are really enjoying it, especially for a relaxed lunch with friends and it makes just the best naan bread”

Barbara Adams

Bristol, UK


"Tuesday (for the grownups) and tonight (for the kids) we had absolutely delightful pizzas! So pleased with the oven… Every penny well worth it."

Jacques Mirodatos

Hertford, UK

Indoor & Outdoor Capabilities

take it with you and cook outdoors

The power to rival a wood fired oven:

Faster heat up time & sustains top temperatures time after time

Perfect for
cooking flatbreads

pitta, naan & more

Reaches up to 500ºC

in under 12 minutes

D&AD Award winner

The Chadwick Oven won the D&AD Product Design Award in 2013.

- Selected Porous Stone Disc

- Durable Custom Chrome or Brushed Finish

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- 304 Grade Stainless Steel

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